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Eaton ECA-15.5 INCH Clutch

Eaton Electronic Clutch Actuation (ECA) clutches offer the durability and performance necessary to withstand the high actuation conditions associated with automated transmission systems.
For Automated Transmissions
UltraShift PLUS and Fuller Advantage
Torque Rating
1850 ft.lbs - 2250 ft.lbs
Long life
50,000 mile release bearing lubrication interval

Core features

  • Ensure performance and efficiency with new Electric Clutch Actuation and intelligent shift selection software
  • Enables better launch and shift decisions through grade sensing, weight computation and driver throttle commands
  • Provides smooth engagement and high fidelity of vehicle control, even in the most challenging applications 
  • Designed for fast actuation to enable quick, open clutch shifting
  • 50,000 mile release bearing lubrication interval for linehaul
  • New inertia brake comes standard with every heavy-duty ECA clutch that is purchased in the aftermarket

Smooth, quick shifts

The Electronic Clutch Actuator (ECA) in Eaton’s latest generation of automated transmissions – the UltraShift PLUS – “actively shifts” based on load, grade and throttle power. Complete shifts are smooth and quick. The ECA clutch has been designed and engineered for Eaton’s top-of-the-line UltraShift PLUS and Fuller Advantage automated transmissions. Developed for a wide range of customer applications, from Linehaul to Vocational, it complements the many specific automated transmissions offered by Eaton.

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