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Pneumatic threaded cylinders - T series

Compact and long-lasting, Eaton threaded pneumatic cylinders are ideal for a variety of applications. These easy-to-clean cylinders are commonly used in food processing, waste processing and more.
Pneumatic threaded cylinders - T series
Clean, compact design
Smooth, reliable operation
Engineered for long life

Practical, space-saving design

With no tie-rods to collect dirt and debris, T series pneumatic cylinders are ideal for wash-down environments such as food processing. The compact design, including threaded body and heads, eliminates the need for tie-rods.

Performance you can depend on

Long heads threaded onto the body provide greater side load distribution and improve rod guidance. A torqued self-locking nut secures the piston in place, improving reliability. Pressurized nitrile seals hold fast even under demanding conditions.

Worker in a food processing plant

Engineered for long life

T series pneumatic cylinders feature nitride cast iron rod cartridges, high-strength steel heads, caps and tubing, and hardened piston rods to ensure longevity. 


  • Food processing
  • Waste processing
  • Stationary material handling
  • Machine tools
  • Balers
  • Other general machinery

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