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EGerodisc Differentials

EGerodisc is a hydraulically-operated electronically controlled limited slip differential that provides variable torque up to full axle lock. It automatically identifies the optimal traction solution at any speed.

The EGerodisc is a commercially proven technology in production on the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It provides superior vehicle cross-country mobility and improved control for safety and roll-over protection.

The electronically controlled actuation provides rapid response for stability and traction control. It eliminates driver interface; no driver training is needed. The EGerodisc uses standard gear oil and is virtually maintenance free.

Proven traction
Limited slip to full locking capability
Easy to use
No driver input required
Robust Design
Seamless hydraulic activation

Core features

  • Functions from limited slip up to full axle lock
  • Compatible with active brake systems
  • Operates at all vehicle speeds
  • Acts as an open differential during normal driving conditions
  • When wheel slip is detected, the EGerodisc ECU engages the differential
  • Various modes optimizes system calibrations for variying road conditions
  • EGerodisc can be 100% locked at the touch of a button