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Ring and pinion street series gearsets

From the most well-known brand in automotive performance differentials, comes high performance aftermarket ring & pinion sets for performance enthusiasts.

Eaton street series ring and pinion gear sets are made in the U.S.A. from high quality 8620 or 4320 steel, which provides long life under daily use conditions. An optional Super Finish is available which eliminates the need for break-in. 

8620 / 4320 steel
For long life under daily use
Rolled splines increase tooth strength
Precision made
Made in the USA

Core features

  • Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) cut teeth which improves gear meshing, reduces stress, and ensures smooth engagement.
  • Rolled splines for additional tooth strength and longer life.
  • Computer controlled heat-treated steel for exceptional durability.   
  • Optional Super Finish elimininates break-in requirement.

New QuietTec ring and pinion gears

Developed for high performance applications where a smooth, quiet gear set up can be tough to achieve, QuietTec gears are cut with the latest technology to maximize tooth contact and reduce tooth-to-tooth contact pressure for better strength, durability and heat reduction. The result is an extremely consistent tooth mesh and gear contact pattern which sets up quicker and offers improved strength, heat reduction, and reduced NVH (noise, vibration & harshness) in the driveline.

Super Finish

An isotropic precision finish is available on both street and competition models. By reducing friction and wear, it provides 3-5% more horsepower, improves oil retention, and eliminates the break-in period.

Why Eaton?

Five reasons to buy an Eaton Ring & Pinion gearset.

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