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Eaton MPrelay

Eaton's CH-Series Motor Relays provide complete and reliable motor protection for any size motor at different voltage levels including monitoring and starting control functions.

Eaton MPrelay
Ease of use
User-friendly operation
Maximum protection
Custom trip curves

MPRelay (Classic CH relay) core features

  • Intel-I-Trip Overload Protection provides a precise protection algorithm for the relay created from motor manufacturer's data to develop custom trip curves, for maximum protection and maximum capacity utilization of motors. 
  • Microprocessor design with self diagnostics eliminates calibration and reduces installation, commissioning, and maintenance. 
  • Voltage dip/loss ride-through capability reduces unnecessary trips caused by poor power quality. 
  • Complete motor protection and control in a single compact case reduces panel space requirements and wiring costs. 
  • Event log provides motor operating records for recent Trip/Alarm events with date and time stamping to improve troubleshooting and reduce downtime. 
  • Arm/Disarm feature allows you to safely perform maintenance tasks without the risk of taking a motor, and perhaps an entire process, off-line. 
  • RTD diagnostics reduces unnecessary tripping caused by faulty RTD, RTD wiring, or communications. 
  • Motor Start Profile provides start logic control to protect the motor against excessive starts or starting the motor before it has sufficiently cooled.

Advance your troubleshooting

Eaton's MP-4000 can help you plan for the future through its advanced event logging and activity monitoring systems. Motor currents, temperatures and conditions are consistently monitored and displayed either locally or remotely on your PC. The MP-4000 reduces downtime by taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting.