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FAZ cable-in cable-out

Eaton's FAZ, dual rated UL and IEC circuit breakers are ideal for providing protection in many applications. A current limiting design provides fast short-circuit interruption, offering superior protection by reducing peak let-through current.

Superior product quality, tested reliability and safety make Eaton’s UL 1053 Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) the optimum product for residual current applications. The UL 1053 RCCB circuit breakers provide safety and protection for personnel and equipment. 

FAZ cable-in cable-out
UL 489 | UL 1077 | UL 1053

Core features

FAZ-NA branch protectors and supplementary protectors

  • Current limiting design provides fast short-circuit interruption that reduces the let-through energy that can damage the circuit.
  • Thermal-magnetic overcurrent protection.
  • Six levels of short-circuit protection, categorized by B, C, D, K, S and Z curves.
  • Trip-free design. Breaker cannot be defeated by holding the handle in the ON position.
  • A color-coded red and green indicator provides immediate visual indication of device status (green for OFF, red for ON) and isolation function.
  • Power to the circuit breakers can be fed from the line or load side.
  • Easy installation on DIN rail. Module width of only 17.5 mm (per pole).
  • FAZ-NA branch protectors - Fulfill UL 489, CSA C22.2 No.5 and also IEC 60947-2 Standard. For use in applications for which UL 1077 or CSA C22.2 No.235 are also allowed.
  • FAZ supplementary protectors - For use in applications for which UL 1077 or CSA C22.2 No. 235 are required.

UL 1053 RCCBs

  • Wide range of compact RCCB types serving as fault-current and additional protection according to UL 1053 and IEC/EN 61008 standards, suitable for worldwide use.
  • Type A or Type G/A (with delay) protection available.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories.
  • Real contact position indicator and fault current tripping indicator.
  • Transparent designation plate.
  • Trip-free design—RCCB cannot be defeated by holding the handle in the ON position
  • Captive screws cannot be lost.
  • 480Y/277 Vac and 208Y/120 Vac models.

Powering machines and system builders

Eaton’s FAZ-NA DIN-Rail mountable circuit breaker provides feeder and branch circuit protection, per UL 489. Typical uses include convenience receptacles, motor controls, load circuits leaving equipment, heating and air conditioning.

Optimum product quality, reliability and safety

FAZ supplementary protectors are ideal for protection in control circuits, lighting, equipment, appliances and other applications where closer protection is desired, per UL 1077.

Superior protection for control panel applications

Eaton’s UL 1053 Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB), is the optimum solution for your residual current applications (earth leakage). UL 1053 RCCB circuit breakers, utilize global technology which has long been a standard for safety and protection of personnel and equipment.

FAZ miniature circuit breaker options


FAZ-NA branch protectors

  • Auxiliary Contact
  • Bus Bar
  • Bus Connector
  • Extension Terminal: Standard Box or Ring Tung
  • Padlock Hasp
  • Shunt Trip



FAZ supplementary protectors

  • Auxiliary Switch and Bell Alarm
  • Bus Bar Comb (fork or pin)
  • End Caps
  • Padlock Accessories