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Eaton motor relay

Eaton’s Motor Relays (EMR3MP0, EMR3000, EMR4000 and EMR5000) provide unparalleled motor protection. These relays are most commonly applied to medium-voltage or larger motors. Users appreciate the multiple protection functions, which include zone-selective interlocking and programmable logic control. EMR’s integral test function reduces maintenance time and expense, while the self-diagnostics and reporting increase uptime and simplifies troubleshooting.

Eaton Motor Relay Family

Simplified settings

The EMR-3MP0 provides basic motor protection based on motor nameplate data.  The EMR-3MP0 has been specially designed to simplify settings and configurations.

Standard relay and MP-3000 replacement kits

  • EMR-3MP0 relay
  • Cutout adapter panel
  • Conversion box assembly

See the document, EMR-3MP0 installation instructions, located  on the resources tab for more information.

Motor Relays - Simple Instruction

Flexible configuration options and multiple settings groups

The EMR-3000 is a current-only motor relay with flexible configuration options and multiple settings groups. 

The EMR-4000 has the same features as the EMR-3000 but adds voltage protection and metering. 

The EMR-5000 builds on the EMR-4000 by adding motor differential protection and a larger display.

Improved coordination
Zone selective interlocking
Increased uptime
Reduced operation and maintenance

Eaton's E-Series Relays

    Core features

    • Use basic motor nameplate data to create a custom overload curve to accurately protect the motor.  Integral test function reduces maintenance time and expense.
    • Zone selective interlocking improves coordination and tripping time, and saves money compared to a traditional bus differential scheme.
    • Programmable logic control functions to accommodate different control schemes, simplify the wiring of the starter.
    • Automatically detects direction of the motor and eliminates the need of switching current inputs into the relay.
    • Reduce trouble shooting time and maintenance costs- Trip and event recording in non-volatile memory provides detailed information for analysis and system restoration. 6000 cycles of waveform capture aids in post fault analysis (viewable using Powerport-E software).
    • Minimum replacement time- Removable terminal blocks ideal in industrial environments.
    • Front USB port and Powerport-E software provides local computer access and user-friendly windows based interface for relay settings, configuration, and data retrieval.
    • Fast and easy troubleshooting, improved maintenance procedures and increased device security. Provides detailed traceability for system configuration changes.
    • Relays self-diagnostics and reporting improves uptime and troubleshooting. 

    Reliable protection for any size

    Eaton’s E-Series microprocessor-based protective relays offer reliable, secure and complete protection and control of power generation and distribution systems. Motor relays specifically provide you complete and reliable motor protection for any size motor at different voltage levels.