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Medium voltage VCP-T vacuum circuit breakers

Eaton's VCP-T Drawout and Fixed Type Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers are smaller and lighter than comparable breakers and designed for use where space is at a premium. The compact design reduces installed space as well as material and shipping costs. It also simplifies overall design, installation, and user experience. This technology features short circuit breaking current ratings up to 40 KA and continuous ratings up to 2000A.

Compact footprint
60% smaller
Lightweight design
50% lighter

Core features

  • Compact design reduces installed space as well as material and shipping costs. 
  • Available in fixed and drawout configuration, the VCP-T offers a spring actuated mechanism up to 20,000 operations and a magnetic actuated (linear) mechanism up to 100,000 operations to ensure a long life. 
  • Fully horizontal drawout feature with connect, test, and disconnect positions  provides ease of operation and interchangeability. 
  • Choice of breaker mounted protection for automatic short circuit and overload protection without the need  for external control power. 
  • A common family of accessories, field-installable accessories, labeled and dedicated secondaries, a clear and concise operating panel, through or closed door access, front access to mechanism/accessories simplifies design, installation and use.

Small without compromise

The VCP-T drawout medium voltage circuit breaker and cassette is designed for use where space is at a premium, making it an ideal solution for applications such as power houses, shipboard use, engine generators, restricted access locations, and low profile areas.