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Medium-voltage VCPW-HD vacuum circuit breakers

The Eaton MV VCPW-HD Medium-Voltage Vacuum Breaker exceeds user expectations with unmatched reliability and space saving design. The VCPW-HD seal protects against dust and contaminants, and provides long-lasting equipment life. It is ideal for high altitude, light shock, vibration, and high ambient temperature. The VCPW-HD is also the clear choice for environmentally conscious users because it is free of SF6 gas. It is tested and certified in accordance with IEEE C37.06, C37.09, and C37.10.

Medium-voltage VCPW-HD vacuum circuit breakers
IEEE C37.06 / C37.09 / C37.10
Environmentally friendly
Free of SF6 gas

Instructional video on 38 kV VCPW-HD

This short instructional video illustrates how to use the safety interlocks to test, disconnect and close.

    Core features

    • 38 kV, up to 40 kA, up to 3150A.
    • Sealed from dust and contaminants, providing long, reliable equipment life.
    • Back-to-back capacitor switching. 
    • Roll-on-floor design.
    • Free of SF6 gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect and associated climate change. 
    • Tested and certified in accordance with IEEE C37.06, C37.09 and C37.10. 
    • Partial discharge free. 
    • Designed to accommodate up to six front-access C200s per phase 
    • No fan cooling required for ratings ≤3000 A, 32 kA.
    • Front accessible epoxy spouts have embedded stress shields and are designed to allow up to six standard class C200 or two standard class C200 and two class C400 current transformers per phase.


    Unmatched reliability, efficiency and safety

    Eaton's VPW-HD medium-voltage circuit breaker offers a space saving footprint, a tightly sealed design for long, reliable equipment life, and reliably switches normal load currents and high-stress currents.
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