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Power Defense insulated case circuit breaker

The Power Defense insulated case circuit breaker (ICCB) portfolio is globally rated in a small footprint for easy adaptability no matter the application or project requirement.  A circuit breaker with communicating electronic trip units and the ability to generate the data to help you optimize your facilities' performance, and to help keep your employees, customers and end-users safe by reducing the risk of arc flash events.

Power Defense insulated case circuit breaker
Arc flash reduction
Built-in communications

Power Defense provides superior arc flash reduction

Take a look at demonstrations that show how Power Defense circuit breakers provide greater protection against arc flash incidents

Simplify operations and reduce your maintenance.

Eaton’s Power Xpert Protection Manager provides a clean, intuitive user interface enabling unmatched control, testing, and troubleshooting. The software is free to download and can run on any PC.

Core features

  • Eaton’s software helps simplify testing, serviceability and customization—yielding significant time and labor savings. 
  • An enhanced user interface enables engineers to remotely view and adjust the trip unit settings. 
  • The compact size of frame helps reduce non-revenue generating floor space.
  • Modular design and common accessories allow for easy panel and switchboard integration.
  • Globally accepted platform in a number of industry standards including UL®, CSA, IEC, and CCC.
  • Power Xpert Release trip units offer features such as Breaker Health, multiple Load Alarms, and Ground Fault Alarm to help avoid costly downtime through predictive and preventative maintenance.
  • Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance System helps to reduce arc flash incident energy levels, thereby reducing PPE requirements and minimizing risk while improving personnel safety and productivity.
  • The Power Xpert Release trip units provide an intuitive user interface that allows you to easily view and adjust breaker settings and system performance.
  • Integral 2-step stored energy mechanism with available motor operator allows users to effortlessly operate the breakers.
  • Available in fixed and drawout configurations with fully configurable cassettes.

Unmatched protection

Provides incremental levels of safety to your customers, employees and end-users through the Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance System, zone selective interlocking display and high-load alarms.

Advanced communications

A foundation for IoT, with embedded communications and metering functionalities allowing fewer overall components in your power distribution equipment, which means lower cost and a smaller footprint.

Accepted anywhere

Globally rated, available and an accepted platform in a number of industry standards including IEC, CCC, UL, and CSA.