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Eaton transformer relay

Eaton’s Transformer Relays (ETR4000 and ETR5000) provide users with superior control and backup protection. Instantaneous overcurrent elements allow for quick clearing of severe internal or external faults, and maintenance mode enhances overall safety and protection by reducing fault clearing time and lowering incident energy levels. The ETR’s zone-selective interlocking feature and trip and event recording feature help reduce troubleshooting time, maintenance requirements, and overall costs.

Eaton transformer relay
Improved coordination
Zone selective interlocking
Maintenance mode
Improves worker safety

Eaton's E-Series Relays

    Core features

    • An unrestrained differential element provides fast tripping on heavy internal faults to limit catastrophic damage to the transformer and minimize risks to the remainder of the power system. 
    • Instantaneous overcurrent elements allow quick clearing of severe internal or external (through) faults. 
    • Front panel LCD display with background illumination allows for wide angle viewing in all light conditions, and 14 programmable LEDs provide quick and easy visual display of power on, mode of operation, alarm, and trip indication. 
    • Maintenance Mode improves safety by providing a simple and reliable method to reduce fault clearing time and lower incident energy levels at energized panels. 
    • Complete protection and control in a single compact case reduces panel space, wiring, and costs. 
    • Integral test function reduces maintenance time and expense. 
    • Zone selective interlocking improves coordination and tripping time, and saves money compared to a traditional bus differential scheme. 
    • Trip and event recording in non-volatile memory provides detailed information for analysis and system restoration, reducing trouble shooting time and maintenance costs. 
    • Breaker trip circuit monitoring improves the reliability of the breaker operation. 
    • 4 Voltage inputs provide 3 phase voltage protection and metering information as well as an independent single phase voltage input.

    Unmatched protection

    Eaton’s E-Series microprocessor-based protective relays offer reliable, secure and complete protection and control of power generation and distribution systems. Transformer relays specifically provide you primary protection, control and backup protection of transformers.