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PTSLR0805 PTC Resettable fuse

Eaton’s PTSLR0805 PTC resettable fuses are 0805 size polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PTC) resettable overcurrent protection devices. These surface mount resettable PTCs offer ultra low resistance and fast time-to-trip features which include hold current ratings from 750mA to 1.75A.  The PTSLR family is RoHS compliant, halogen free and lead free product.

PTSLR0805 resettable fuse

Ultra-low resistance
Resettable overcurrent protection
0805 Size

PTSLR Low resistance PTC resettable fuse product aid

Eaton Bussmann® series PTSLR surface-mount fuses provide overcurrent and overtemperature protection for applications like rechargeable battery packs, USB ports, and small DC motors.

Eaton products provide circuit protection in industrial IoT systems

USB ports provide a link between a host computer and IIoT device (e.g., an industrial controller) for real-time monitoring and control, allowing users to make smarter decisions and increase the productivity of several processes.

Low-resistance PTC resettable fuses provide reliable overcurrent and overtemperature protection

One of the most prominent trends in the expansion of IoT is a growing demand for portable, battery-powered IoT devices. Battery-powered IoT devices such as wearables, game consoles, computing devices, and VR headsets are some of the portable devices changing how we interact with the internet daily. The typical home could have up to 500 smart devices by 2022, and many of these will operate on low-voltage battery power.

PTC resettable fuse product aid (PTS, PTSLR and PTR)

Let us help you choose the right resettable device for your application. Eaton Bussmann® series PolyTron PTC family of resettable fuses are designed to protect sensitive components from overcurrent and overtemperature conditions that can occur due to power surges, electrical transients, high ambient temperatures, and more.