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Wiring trough

Eaton's B-Line series wiring troughs are design to help protect and house runs of control and power cables and wires.  Eaton offers a variety of solutions including the following.

  • Type 1 screw cover wiring troughs
  • Type 3R screw cover wiring troughs
  • Type 12 lift-off cover wiring troughs
  • Type 12 feed-through wiring troughs
  • Type 4X lift-off cover wiring troughs
  • Type 4X feed-through wiring troughs

For more information, view or download the wiring trough section of the B-Line series electrical enclosures catalog.  

Wiring trough

Understanding wireway uses and selections

What is a wireway system? Where are wireway systems permitted? How to select wireway? Learn how to understand the various uses and how to select the appropriate wireway for your project.
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