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Thru-Wall Barrier Cable and Conduit Sealing Device

Crouse-Hinds series Thru-Wall Barrier is designed to provide a seal for cable/conduit penetrations through masonry, concrete or steel.  Thru-Wall barriers restrict the entrance of contaminants through cable/conduit penetrations into clean areas, and can be used with most types of power, instrument and control cables as well as conduits.

Thru-Wall Barrier Cable and Conduit Sealing Device

Certifications and compliances

  • ASTM standard E-119
  • NFPA 251
  • UL classification per UL standard 1479
  • NAVSEA approval – Electric Plant Installation Standard Methods No. S9300- AW-EDG-010/EPISM – TWFS/TWBS assemblies

Design features


  • Few parts required to seal a wide range of diameters of cables or conduits
  • Easy and fast installation, using factory assembled components
  • High degree of flexibility with interchangeable sealing block assemblies and a selection of different sizes of frames

Mounting frame:

  • One-piece cast malleable iron or steel mounting frame can be cast into concrete during wall construction, grouted in masonry surfaces or welded into steel bulkheads at any time
  • Retrofit frame allows for easy installation of frame where cables/conduit are already installed
  • Available in sizes to accommodate a wide range of cable tray sizes and loadings, including single and multiple layers of cables for power or instrument applications
  • Cast keyways in mounting frame align and position sealing block assemblies
  • Frames can be installed in wall such that sealing block assemblies can be inserted in either horizontal or vertical position

Sealing block assembly:

  • Specially formulated elastomeric material between cast malleable iron pressure plates protects cable from mechanical damage; provides high pull-out resistance and positive cable separation; expands during fire to seal any voids left by burned cable insulation
  • Interchangeable sealing block assemblies fit all THRU-WALL BARRIER mounting frames
  • Cast stops on front pressure plate prevent sealing block assembly from slipping through mounting frame during installation
  • Assemblies are offered for all cable/conduit outside diameters from 0.250” to 4.500” (6.4mm to 114.3mm); cables with diameters less than 0.250” can be accommodated – contact factory
  • Sealing block openings will accommodate undersize and out-of-round cable
  • Each sealing block assembly seals multiple cables/conduits; compact design permits close nesting of cables, saving space
  • Reducers permit sealing block assemblies to accept cables with smaller O.D. than the specified range
  • Plugs are used to fill unused openings in sealing block assemblies; blank sealing block assemblies fill unused spaces in mounting frames, providing for future expansion

Standard materials

  • Mounting frame – TWF, TWFR: cast malleable iron; TWFS: cast carbon steel, ASTM A27 grade 60-30
  • Pressure plate – cast malleable iron
  • Sealing material – special elastomeric material
  • Clamping hardware – steel
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