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BECO Liqui Control2

The BECO LiquiControl2 index measuring device is used to determine the filterability measurement of any ready-to-bottle beverage. Prior to membrane filtration, a sample is filtered under defined and reproducible conditions (constant pressure) through a reference membrane.

BECO Liqui Control2
Fully Automatic
Max. Volume
1.43 gal (5.4 l)

Core features

  • Ideal assessment of the filterability and the quality of the filtrate
  • Longer total service life of the membrane filter cartridges through pre-filtration and targeted determination of the regeneration intervals
  • Reduction of downtime during filling due to perfect pre-filtration
  • Enables optimum choice of cartridge filter systems due to pilot tests
  • Polluting load analysis of service media (rinse water, steam condensate)
  • Easy handling and cleaning of the device
  • Variable filtration pressure
  • High flexibility due to a separate container for liquid to be filtered
  • Display of all measured data from archive
  • Ethernet interface for data download
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