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Eaton fluid purifier systems remove free, emulsified and dissolved water, free and dissolved gases, and solid contaminants. They have been developed for different viscosity ranges, from transformer to heavy gear lubricating oils. The selection of the micron rating used depends on the required fluid purity. The mobile fluid cleaning systems in the IFPM series are available in two standard sizes with flow rates of 7.9 gal/min (30 l/min) and 18.5 gal/min (70 l/min). The IFPM fluid purifier systems are fully automated, PLC-controlled compact enough for use in confined areas. The WSPS 05 sensor permanently monitors the water saturation in a purified fluid. A ventilation filter with silica gel dries the inflowing air, increasing the efficiency of the cleaning system even in environments with high humidity levels. The VS5 electronic contamination sensor provides the optimal use and maintenance scheduling of the particle removal filter element.

Mobile off-line fluid cleaning
Fully automated, PLC controlled
Removal of
Water, gases and solid contaminants

Core features

  • A portable solution
  • user-friendly touch display
  • automatic shutdown
  • continuous measurement of fluid temperature, water saturation and filter flow-through rates.
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