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FDAP-M Electric

Eaton’s Remote Alarm Panels are designed to provide audible and visual alarms for Electric Fire Pump Controllers. These remote panels are located at a point of constant attendance when the pump room is not constantly supervised. FDAP-M Remote Alarm Panels meet or exceed the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories, Underwriters Laboratories Canada, the Canadian Standards Association, the New York City building code, and are built to NFPA 20 standards.

FDAP-M Electric


  • All FDAP-M Remote Alarm Panels are microprocessor based.
  • Both Normal and Supervisory (backup) power supply voltages can be supplied from 110 to 240Vac, 50-60 Hz. Both Normal and Supervisory power is supplied by customer.
  • If the Normal power source is not available, the controller will automatically switch to the Supervisory (backup) source. When normal power is restored, the controller will switch back to the normal source.
  • An audible buzzer will sound when any alarm condition occurs. It will continue to sound until either the Silence Alarm button is pressed, or the alarm condition is satisfied.
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