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Residential Fire Pump Controllers

Eaton's Residential Fire Pump Controllers work in conjunction with single phase, electric, residential fire pumps and packages. Available as a Simplex or Duplex unit, all controllers are UL listed and meet or exceed NEMA requirements.

Residential Fire Pump Controllers


  • Sequential Start Timer
    A timer may be installed which is used to program a start delay after the pressure switch initiates an automatic start. In duplex controllers, a SST is standard and is wired to delay starting the second (lag) pump. The timer does not operate if starting is initiated via the start pushbutton or emergency start handle.
  • Run Period Timer
    The run period timer turns on whenever the controller starts due to a drop in pressure. This ensures that the pump motor is not subjected to frequent starts if the pressure switch contact repeatedly closes and opens at short time intervals because of pressure fluctuations.
  • Dual Use Illuminated Pushbuttons
    Both Simplex and Duplex controllers are equipped with illuminated pushbuttons which have dual use. The green “POWER ON” pushbutton functions as the “Start” pushbutton and indicates when the circuit breaker is closed. The red “PUMP RUNNING” pushbutton functions as the “Stop” pushbutton and indicates when the pump is running.
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