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XJGD Combination Expansion/Deflection Couplings

Crouse-Hinds series XJGD combination expansion/deflection couplings are used with rigid metal conduit and IMC to couple together two sections of conduit subject to movement due to thermal expansion and contraction.  They are installed indoors or outdoors in long conduit runs to permit linear and axial movement and to accommodate angular and parallel misalignment.  

XJGDs maintain electrical continuity without the need for an external bonding jumper and clamps.

XJGD Combination Expansion/Deflection Couplings

Certifications and compliances


  • UL standard: 514B
  • CSA 22.2 No. 18 3-12
  • Wet locations

Design features

  • XJGD fittings are weatherproof and approved for use indoors or outdoors without an external bonding jumper
  • Available in 1/2” through 4” trade sizes 
  • For use with rigid metal and IMC conduit
  • Available in 4” maximum conduit movement
  • XJGD couplings include XD couplings, which accommodate the following movements without collapsing or fracturing the conduit, and damaging the wires it contains
  1. Axial expansion or contraction up to 3/4” 
  2. Angular misalignment of the axes of the coupled conduit runs in any direction to 30°
  3. Parallel misalignment of the axes of coupled conduit runs in any direction to 3/4”
  • Includes internal bonding springs and metallic bushings to create high integrity internal ground connection and eliminate need for external bonding jumpers and clamps
  • NPT threads fit standard rigid conduit

Standard materials

  • Body, hubs, gland nut, washer and bushing – Feraloy iron alloy, electrogalvanized
  • Packing – PTFE composite
  • Gasket – vellum
  • Ground springs – phosphor bronze, electrogalvanized
  • XD component outer jacket – molded neoprene, natural (black)
  • XD jacket clamps – stainless steel, natural
  • XD inner sleeve – molded plastic, natural (brown)
  • Bonding strap – braided tinned copper
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