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Compact combo valve

The Eaton zero-leak Compact Combo Valve safely vents harmful evaporative fuel vapor in the fuel tank by stacking a Fill Limit Vent Valve (FLVV) and a new zero-leak Grade Vent Valve (GVV). This innovative configuration reduces the product’s footprint by 20 millimeters, reducing potential leak paths and allowing for greater design flexibility for fuel tank manufacturers due to its integration of the zero-leak GVV, which fulfills industry-requisite zero-leak vapor valve requirements.

Wide range of refueling shut-off heights
GVV positioned at top of tank
Prevents liquid leakage during all situations
Smaller footprint
Reduces potential permeation leak paths

Core features

  • Ability to change the shut-off height of the FLVV by component substitution to meet tank and customer requirements. We can cover all shut-off height requirements utilizing existing, validated components, so a tank manufacturer can vent above the shut-off valve when the main refueling valve is closed and the GVV shut-off height remains constant and optimized.
  • For vehicle applications where aggressive driving dynamics may cause sloshing liquid fuel to exit the fuel tank, Eaton offers an optional slosh baffle to eliminate this behavior.
  • The smaller footprint of the stacked valves makes a smaller circumference to weld to the tank, reducing potential permeation.
  • Because the GVV’s position is at the very top of the fuel tank, it prevents liquid leakage during all situations, including when the vehicle is traveling or parked on an angle. This provides benefits compared to competitive technologies, which do not allow optimized positioning within the fuel tank during such conditions.
  • Our design allows greater freedom to perform grade venting, which allows manufacturers to meet zero-leak vapor valve requirements. 
  • The zero-leak vapor valve requirement is an industry requisite in order to meet vehicle safety, driveability, emissions, and component durability specifications. Eaton’s new Zero-Leak GVV sealing methodology employs an elastomeric seal over-molded onto a substrate to ensure this requirement will be met. 
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