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Eaton's Compass modular furniture options

Compass is customizable with a variety of colors, materials and accessories to design the right solution to meet your needs.   

Scroll down to view options or visit our resource page.  For a full customized selection of options, contact your local representative.


Storage options

Eaton offers a wide selection of storage options.  Scroll down for more information.   For more customized options, view our filing and storage cabinets or contact your local representative.

Mobile pedestals

Eaton offers a wide variety of filing companions and storage options.  For most up to date offering, click to view our filing and storage cabinets.



Utility drawer

Part number: C847

  • Fully assembled 
  • Attaches beneath workstation
  • Includes removable supply tray

Suspended pedestal 

Part number: C830

  • Attaches under worksurface
  • Includes one 6" drawer and one 12" file drawer

CPU dolly 

Part number: RO65M

  • Free-standing mobile storage for CPU
  • Ease of access to rear of unit

EZ cinch CPU holder

Part number: RO72MM

  • Supports CPU vertically under workdesk
  • Retractable models fully retract and swivel 360 degrees
  • Includes dual straps and integrated wrench to cinch tightly

Secure CPU holder

Part number: RO44MM

  • Supports CPU vertically under worksurface
  • Retractable model fully retracts and swivels 360 degrees
  • Features tamper-proof engagement hardware to securly hold CPU 
  • Requires R0TOOL for assembly and disengagement

Keyboard tray options

Eaton offers multiple options for supporting computer keyboards.  Scroll down to view our most popular options.  For a full customized solution, contact your local representative.

Keyboard bridge

Part number: C857

  • Fits over corner created by two adjacent worksurfaces 
  • Creates 45 degree work edge

Enhanced keyboard holder    

Part number: KBCOBRA23

  • Instant lift and lock 
  • Sit and stand adjustments 
  • Removable mouse platform, attaches either side of keyboard
  • 360 degree rear swivel 

Under worksurface keyboard platform

Part number: C24UKT

  • Non-articulating keyboard access and retraction
  • Dual trackball bearing slides
  • Fully retracts to store underneath shelf or workstation

Adjustable tray with mouse platform

Part number: KBTRY18

  • 360-degree rear swivel for keyboard tray positioning
  • Foam palm rest with soft-touch black vinyl covering
  • Removable mouse platform can be attached to either side of keyboard

Adjustable clamp with mouse platform

Part number: KBCOBRA23

  • Position indicators for both height and tilt for consistent repositioning
  • 8" height range: 3" above to 5" below worksurface
  • Adjustable keyboard clamp accommodates up to 9" deep keyboards
  • Removable mouse platform can be attached to either side of keyboard

Lighting options

Eaton offers a variety of lighting and desklamp options.  Below are just a few of our popular products.  For more options, contact your local representative.

Omnivue 35" mag light

  • Lens, head and arm are independently adjustable 
  • Table clamp with cable grommet included
  • ESD-safe, entirely grounded, including the lens
  • Meets industry standards for dissipative ESD control

Under cabinet task light

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Options for 24" wide by 36" or 48" lengths
  • Lamp fixture includes a metalized film reflector and T8 lamp
  • Includes 9-foot color matched cord set with off / on rocker switch

Flat panel display arms

Eaton offers a wide array of flat panel display arms (FPD) to support and / or suspend one or more monitors, helping conserve desk space.  To view the full line, visit the flat panel display arms page.

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