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LINX modular desking system

Living in a rapidly changing technology age means that offices must adapt to emerging needs or be left behind. Traditionally constructed office furniture may meet your needs today, but can’t adapt to meet the technology advances of tomorrow. Eaton’s LINX modular desking system can easily be reconfigured to meet your future challenges while being strong enough to stand the test of time.

Utilizing a rugged, steel-based design, LINX workstations easily adapt to the nuances of unique workforces and are perfect for small to large office spaces in both the commercial and government sector. From the mail room to the board room, Eaton’s GSA contract office furniture meets rising challenges by providing a vast menu of professional and private office furniture options.


Core features

The LINX office furniture line meets the needs of professional, government and private offices at every level. The durable steel construction and ability to custom-configure your desk to ensure optimal productivity, makes LINX a cost-effective, one-stop product line.

  • Free-standing technical desking platform with detachable storage walls provides the ultimate in flexibility 
  • Perfect for the private office, open team workstations, conferencing and training
  • Multiple metal, glass, laminate and fabric options
  • Easy to access and manage cables, keeping them organized and hidden away
  • Complete line of filing and storage options for conventional filing, multimedia and personal storage needs
  • Wide range of flat panel display arms lift monitors off the workstation to create ideal sightlines and maximize desktop space
  • Seating options include executive or task, guest or conference seating 
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