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TechBench system

Eaton’s workbench systems set a higher standard for engineering, manufacturing, test and assembly environments. TechBench, a solidly constructed workbench system, and TechOrganizer, a fully-welded frame system, work together to organize technology, tools and test equipment above and below the worksurface.

TechBench and TechOrganizer create a dynamic system that integrates people with technology, maximizes useable workspace and contributes to highly effective and efficient workflow. With the end user in mind, Eaton’s workbench systems are modular and scalable providing highly customizable configurations, which enable an ergonomic workspace and improve the productivity of the technician using the work center. 

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Core features

Eaton's workbench systems for manufacturing and lab environments provide heavy-duty support of equipment above and below the bench top – offering more effective use of the individual workspace as well as your facility's square footage. TechBench features include:

  • Organizes equipment and tools for more efficient employee access
  • Maximizes vertical space and corners utilizing traditionally wasted space and optimizing space within the facility
  • Integrates cable management with horizontal and vertical options - eliminating workspace clutter and keeping cables contained and serviceable
  • Helps reduce operator fatigue
  • Increases production and reduces cycle time
  • Offers multiple worksurface materials to match the most rugged industrial applications including hardwood maple butcher block and phenolic resin
  • Provides high pressure laminate options including ESD-controlled
  • Features convenient overhead lighting
  • Offers modular overhead storage compartment options
  • Sports inclined steel shelving or laminate shelving – 24” and 72” lengths, and height-adjustable lower shelving
  • Accommodates power distribution units (PDUs) placed above or below the worksurface
  • Includes optional dual-locking casters 

Reconfigurable to meet future requirements

When it comes to flexibility, the TechBench system allows for changing work environment needs. The standard system components allow for adjustments in one inch increments to place equipment where required for maximum productivity. It also features two structural parts to reconfigure, and over 500 accessory options for endless environment adaptations.
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