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Hazard-Gard EVM Explosionproof HID Light Fixtures

Crouse-Hinds series Hazard-Gard EVM explosionproof HID light fixtures provide general area lighting in heavy process industries where flammable or explosive vapors, gases or combustible dusts are present.  

Available in 50W through 400W with four mounting arrangements, the EVM HID is approved for use in Class I, Division 1 and Zone 1 locations.  The robust design and efficient heat dissipation stands up to challenging, hazardous location conditions.  Elevated ambient capability permits reliable operation at high ambient temperature.  Select fixtures are suitable for ambient temperature up to 75°C.

Hazard-Gard EVM HID light fixture

Certifications and compliances


  • Class I, Division 1, Groups B (with suffix GB), C, D
  • Class I, Zone 1, Groups IIB + H2 (with suffix GB), IIB, IIA
  • 100W max – Paint Spray Suitability
  • 175W max – Class II, Class III

UL Standards

  • 844 Hazardous (Classified) Locations
  • 1598 Luminaires
  • 1598A Marine Locations

CSA Standard

  • C22.2 No. 137


Design features

  • Luminaire is factory wired; power is fed through "wireless" connection block which serves as a mechanical seal between conduit and ballast compartments, eliminating the need for an external, field installed seal. The result is a fast, easy installation
  • Dome and 30° angle reflectors made of Krydon® material – won't rust, corrode, dent, chip or peel (order separately)
  • High bay reflectors of Alzak® aluminum for high wattage applications
  • Internally fluted glass globes reduce glare and provide comfortable viewing light
  • Wide range of light sources and wattages to meet specific lighting needs – 50-400W high pressure sodium (HPS); 70-400W metal halide (MH)
  • High power factor (90%+) ballasts reduce power costs – allow more luminaires per circuit
  • Four mounting arrangements to suit any lighting layout – pendant, ceiling, wall bracket and stanchion
  • Paint spray booth suitability on 50-100 watt luminaires provides efficient, economical HID lighting for areas where paint residue may accumulate on luminaires
  • Elevated ambient capability permits reliable operation at high ambient temperature; selected luminaires are suitable for ambient temperature up to 75°C
  • Integral ballasts – separate ballasts are not required; lowest installed cost
  • Factory sealed, porcelain, mogul base socket

Standard materials

  • Mounting modules, cover, ballast housing, guard, globe ring – copper-free aluminum with epoxy powder coat
  • Globe – heat and impact resistant glass
  • Exterior hardware – stainless steel
  • Lamp socket – porcelain with stainless steel screw shell
  • Reflectors – dome and angle: Krydon fiberglass-reinforced polyester material; high bay: Alzak aluminum

Drawings and design support

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