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GJ1P Series

GJ1P breakers offer high-quality circuit protection for dc applications from 100 to 1200 amperes. Their precisely tailored time delays and ability to interrupt high currents makes them ideally suited for critical applications. On overloads exceeding 1000 – 1400% of rating, there is no intentional time delay and the breaker interrupts currents of as much as 100,000 amperes at 65 Vdc up to 1200 amperes.

GJ1P Series

Core features

  • The UL listed series GJ1P (UL 489) models are available in a choice of fast, medium or slow response times to accurately match load conditions.
  • They can be ordered in “series trip,” “mid-trip” and “switch only” constructions and are available front- or back-mounted, front- or back-connected, with optional auxiliary switches for signaling.
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