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KD Series

The KD Series resettable pushbutton circuit protector provides basic thermal protection, has ratings from 0.25 – 20 amperes, and is UL recognized. The KD Pushbutton Circuit Protector provides circuit protection similar to a fuse but does not require replacement after a fault. This resettable design allows your customer to stay online and eliminate downtime.

KD Series

Core features

  • The KD Series is easily installed in a 5/8” round or D-Shaped panel cutout similar to that used on conventional panelmounted fuse holders. It can be mounted from either the front or rear and is held in place by special hardware. Its 1/4” quick-connect terminals are solderable.
  • The KD Series has been tested to meet the requirements of UL 1077, and is recognized as a supplemental protector by UL. We also carry CSA approval for applications in Canada.
  • The KD Pushbutton Circuit Protector trips without delay on short circuit, and with a controlled delay upon sustained overloads upon tripping, the contacts open with a positive snap action, thereby suppressing the arc.
  • For applications where equipment may be exposed to dust or moisture, protective boots are available. Two styles are available, one which protects the breaker from splashing water and another which seals the panel opening.
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