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MDBS-4Ph Series

Ideal for a wide range of AC or AC-DC applications, such as generator sets, rail, and marine applications, the MDBS-4Ph Series makes AC power distribution more compact, flexible, and easy to install - saving valuable space while reducing labor and material costs. Power is supplied to circuit breakers by using Eaton's innovative bus system rather than by individual wiring or complicated buswork.

MDBS-4Ph Series

Core features

  • Pre-engineered compact power distribution bus system design saves installation time.
  • The number, type (ac vs dc), and location of loads can be easily changed by adjusting the busbar components, allowing users to achieve maximum flexibility and a compact design with minimum engineering and labor time.
  • Pluggable breakers for allow for quick connection and ability to disconnect.
  • Products are built to order according to specifications and can be provided with any number of positions to accommodate any application needs.
  • The power terminal can be attached at any location on the bus system allowing for more even power distribution and greater safety.
  • The use of optimized terminal connection blocks internal to the module drastically reduces the amount of physical space needed.
  • Mounting brackets on the top and bottom allow for front or rear mounting.
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