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Xcel Geroler/gerotor motors

Eaton Xcel Geroler/gerotor motors offer three-zone protection at a two-zone price point, with less wasted energy and lower operating temperatures. The design dampens pressure spikes in both directions, helping to extend shaft seal life and enhance overall reliability.
50-495 cc (3.0 to 30.2 cu in)
310 bar (4,500 psi)

Three-zone architecture at a two-zone price point

Competitive motors are designed with two zones and no case drain. This makes them vulnerable to motor damage and premature failure. Xcel motors have a 3-zone architecture, which dampens pressure spikes in both directions, extends shaft seal life and enhances overall reliability.

Increase efficiency with "same speed" disc valve

Three-zone motors use a disc valve that rotates with the output shaft, improving mechanical and volumetric efficiency.

Designed for superior performance and reliability

  • Three-zone pressure design
  • Hydrodynamic journal bearings
  • Optimized drive running angle
  • Variety of displacements and shafts
  • Designed for medium and low duty
  • Carbon and stainless steel, brass & plastic option


  • Salt and sand spinners
  • Street cleaner brushes
  • Car washes
  • Combine reel drives
  • Feed-grinding augers
  • Auger swing drives
  • Stake-down motors
  • Post-hole drives

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