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Legacy IQ energy meters

Eaton’s IQ energy meters accurately record all aspects of electrical distribution systems including total energy usage and maximum demand. The high-performance IQ Analyzer exceeds ANSI C12.16 (1%) specification for revenue meters meeting ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5%, provides quality true RMS readings through the 50th harmonic, and accurately measures nonsinusoidal waveforms up to a 3.0 crest factor. The IQ DP-4000 measures Percent Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for both current and voltage and monitors Apparent Power (VA), Reactive Energy (Var-Hours), and Apparent Energy (VA-Hours). Both energy meters are valuable resources in energy management initiatives.

Legacy IQ energy meters

7 Important reasons for measurement and verification

  • Verification of the utility suppliers accuracy
    and integrity
  • Identification of energy-consuming loads
  • Contribute to LEED certification
  • Documentation of energy reduction efforts
  • Providing activity-based costing to departments,
    processes, and products
  • Establishment of a facility’s historical baseline
  • Development of utility rate comparison procedure

Core features

IQ Analyzer

  • Over 150 metering values provide comprehensive diagnostic and power quality capabilities. 
  • Stores trends, analyzing harmonics and waveform capture, to prevent process disruptions and equipment damage. 
  • Captures historical data to help identify problems in an electrical distribution system. 
  • Highly accurate energy measurement (ANSI C12.20), onboard energy value storage, and time-of-use energy registers help you control energy usage.

 IQ DP-4000

  • Direct reading of over 74 metered values provides extensive system information. 
  • Measures %THD for both current and voltage to help find the source of problems. 
  • Records total energy used and maximum demand to aid in energy management. 
  • Display window located on operator panel indicates the actual value of the selected item to help determine the cause of detected alarm signals and reset the unit after an alarm condition. 
  • Setpoint Switches, located on the rear right side of the chassis, allow you to tailor each IQ DP-4000 model for specific applications.

Why install an Eaton meter?

All facility electrical users have one thing in common. Their electrical system can greatly effect company production, productivity and profits. Eaton's power energy meters provide you accurate data and system reliability.