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Commercial meter stacks

Eaton's Commercial Meter Stacks provide users with quick, flexible, and easy installation. The combination indoor / outdoor durable enclosures make them ideal for applications such as strip malls, office complexes, and industrial parks. These unique meter stacks can also be mounted with 1MM/3MM modules to allow for numerous different arrangements in how they are bolted together. Eaton’s Commercial Meter Stacks are UL listed, meet EUSERC electrical requirements, and are suitable for use as service entrance equipment, meaning there is no need to purchase more equipment or use add-ons.

Meets requirements
UL listed/EUSERC
Durable enclosure

Core features

  • Combination indoor/outdoor enclosures with removable top cap, bottom plate and back plate for field installed knockouts (all blank plates) allow for flexible and easy installation.
  • Two designs can be interconnected with all other commercial metering as well as with residential devices which makes installation faster and more flexible.
  • Meter socket and tenant main breaker/wireway sections are separated by a solid metal barrier to guard unmetered bus against power theft.
  • Able to be mounted with 1MM/3MM modules and thus will bolt together in many different arrangements, giving greater flexibility.
  • UL listed and suitable for use as service entrance equipment, which means no need to purchase more equipment or use add-ons.
  • Separate covers allow easy access to tenant breaker and wireway section as well as permit work on breakers or in wireway without disturbing meters or meter covers.

Simple. Flexible.

Eaton's commercial meter stacks provide you flexibility, along with simple installation in light commercial applications. A rugged design and durable enclosure makes Eaton's commercial meter stack an ideal solution for your next outdoor job.

An industry-leading metering portfolio

Eaton offers an industry-leading portfolio of products and services that reliably meet the challenging demands of today’s electrical grid, making us your ideal partner. Eaton offers a comprehensive line of utility approved metering products for residential and multi-family applications assembled right here in the USA.
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