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Double Door Safety Switches

As the industry’s first compartmentalized fusible safety switch, the new double-door line isolation switch is the latest product in Eaton’s enhanced safety switch device offering. The revolutionary two-door design includes an internal barrier that separates the upper switching compartment from the lower fuse compartment.

Current ratings
240VAC, 600VAC

Core features

  • UL® 98 standard, file no. E5239
  • Maintains isolation from incoming line-side cables within fuse compartment
  • Prevents doors from being opened when switch is energized
  • Minimizes exposure, enhances safety and maximizes uptime with revolutionary design
  • Accepts many safety switch accessories— auxiliary contacts, control pole, neutrals, etc.
  • Provides additional verification as to whether or not the circuit is open with optional voltage indicators

Internal barrier

Allows access to the fuse compartment with no exposure to line-side power, providing enhanced safety.

Double up on safety

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