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Control stations
EDS and EFS Explosionproof Pushbutton, Pilot Light and Selector Switch Control Stations
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EDS and EFS Explosionproof Pushbutton, Pilot Light and Selector Switch Control Stations

Crouse-Hinds series EDS and EFS explosionproof pushbutton, pilot light and selector switch control stations are used in conjunction with magnetic starters or contactors for remote control of motors.  Pilot lights are used to visually indicate that the desired function is being performed.

EDS and EFS control stations are factory sealed to prevent arcing of the enclosed device from causing ignition of a hazardous atmosphere external to the enclosure.  Factory sealing eliminates the need for external seals, simplifying installation and reducing costs.  

Typical applications for EDS and EFS control stations include industrial areas, such as chemical plants, oil and gas refineries, paint and varnish manufacturing plants, gasoline bulk loading terminals, grain elevators, grain processing industries, coal processing or handling areas, or metal handling or finishing areas where the atmospheres may contain hazardous gases and/or dusts.


Certifications and compliances

  • Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups B*, C, D
  • Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, G
  • Class II, Division 2, Groups F, G
  • Class III
  • UL standard: UL1203
  • CSA standard: C22.2 No. 30

* Where indicated in the catalog listings, EDS units suitable for Class I, Division 1, Group B usage can be supplied by adding suffix -GB.  EFS units are suitable for Class I, Division 1, Group B as standard.

Design features

  • Factory sealed devices eliminate external seals, reduce installation problems, lower installation costs and improve safety
  • For use with general purpose snap and pushbutton type switches
  • Standard neoprene covers for front operated pushbuttons prevent accumulation of dirt and entrance of water around operating shafts
  • Mounting lugs and taper tapped hubs with integral bushings
  • Large machine screws for fastening covers to bodies
  • Lockout provisions on front operated pushbutton (marked "STOP" and "OFF") and selector switch covers
  • Lockout hole for padlock having 1/4" hasp is provided when used with covers for front lever and side rocker type operation
  • Close tolerances in machining of wide, mating flanges and journalled shafts and bearings for front button operation, produces flametightness of enclosure joints
  • On enclosures with front lever and side rocker type operating handles, threaded type shafts and bushings are used to ensure flametightness
  • Dead end (EFS or EDS) or through feed (EFSC or EDSC) hubs – 1/2" to 1" sizes
  • When "STOP" is indicated, button is automatically red; when "START" is indicated, button is automatically green; otherwise, black buttons are standard

Standard materials

  • Bodies – Feraloy iron alloy or copper-free aluminum
  • Front operated pushbutton and pilot light covers – Feraloy iron alloy
  • Side operated type pushbutton covers – copper-free aluminum
  • Shafts and shaft bushings – stainless steel
  • Rocker handle and pushbutton guards – type 6/6 nylon
  • Sealing enclosures – copper-free aluminum

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