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Enclosed Circuit Breakers

Eaton's enclosed circuit breakers offer all the advantages and accessories of a circuit breaker packaged in an enclosure for nearly any application requiring a means of disconnect. In addition, we also have two specialty solutions available to further enhance safety that come fully wired: Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System (ARMS) technology and 30 mA ground fault protection. Enclosed circuit breakers with ARMS technology can improve safety by providing a simple and reliable method to reduce fault clearing time. These specialty circuit breakers are fully factory wired and allow a customer to activate ARMS technology during maintenance. This can help reduce required personal protection equipment levels, which improves worker comfort, mobility and productivity. Our 30 mA ground fault protection, also known as Marina Ground Fault enclosed breaker, offers 30 mA ground fault protection for marinas and boat yards. The shunt trip inside the enclosed breaker can be adjusted to change as load demands change, offering flexibility on the job site.

For our enclosed circuit breakers, please go to the resources tab to get more information or view the ARMS product aid or the 30 mA product aid.

Enclosed Circuit Breakers
Rated Maximum Voltage
600 VAC
Current Ratings
15 – 1200 A
Full range of NEMA rated enclosures
NEC 240.87 compliant enclosed breakers with ARMS available

Core features


  • All the advantages and accessories of a circuit breaker packaged in an enclosure for nearly any application requiring a means of disconnect
  • Enclosed Circuit Breakers can be modified by the Flex Center to have custom paint, 316-stainless enclosures, lock-on provisions, and more
  • Offers faster clearing time, which means less arc energy and improved worker safety
  • Maintains overcurrent coordination while improving arc flash safety with its ARMS technology
  • Includes a fully factory wired assembly with an electronic trip circuit breaker, cover controls, and other components
  • Provides a maintenance mode that is enabled by a simple lockable switch and can be incorporated into a lockout/ tagout procedure
  • Allows users to enable ARMS via a remote input signal with included control relay
  • Offers modification options, including custom paint, 316-stainless enclosures, and lock-on provisions

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    Marina ground fault enclosed circuit breaker 

    Eaton's 30mA marina ground fault enclosed circuit breaker provides protection for personnel and equipment around Marinas and Boatyards to minimize the risk of electric shock drowning.

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