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Front Access Magnum DS low voltage switchgear

Front Access Magnum DS low voltage switchgear

Front access low voltage switchgear combines the robustness of UL 1558 low voltage switchgear with the flexibility of UL 891 switchboard design. The front-accessible switchgear offering allows mounting against a wall, corner or in other tight locations where a standard rear-accessible switchgear lineup would not normally fit. Front access switchgear is available with the same Magnum DS and NRX circuit breakers as rear-accessible switchgear. 

LVA front access 500x500.jpg
Up to 600 V
Up to 6000 A
Up to 200 kAIC

Core features

  • Front-accessible cable compartment 18, 22, 30 or 44 inches wide
  • Draw-out LV power circuit breakers with 100%-rated, fully selective protection and integral microprocessor-based breaker tripping systems
  • Engineered-to-order configurations available to accommodate a wide range of applications
  • Complies with UL® 1558 and UL® 891 safety standards
  • Standard 40-inch switchgear depth
  • Up to 4-high breaker arrangement
  • Silver plated copper bus standard, tin plated optional
  • NEMA® 1 indoor and NEMA® 3R outdoor aisle and aisleless enclosures available

Automatic Transfer Schemes

When providing redundant power sources for critical power applications, specify the:

- Eaton ATC-900 controller for lineups with main-main, main-generator or generator-generator applications

- Eaton PLC with Eaton touchscreen for automatic main-tie-main transfer

- Eaton Power Xpert™ Dashboard to monitor or control transfer schemes for a main-tie-main and adjust settings and sequence details

Modernize and extend the life of Magnum DS low voltage switchgear

Genuine Magnum DS switchgear accessories and replacement parts improve the reliability, safety and longevity of the switchgear.
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