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Heavy duty quick connect safety switches

Eaton's 2017 NEC 702.12(C) compliant quick connect safety switches provide a convenient and safe way to connect and disconnect portable equipment. Available in 100A-1200A, single throw and double throw, as well as fusible and non-fusible, the load-side terminals are also factory-wired to Cam-Lok/Posi-Lok receptacles located behind an interlocked door.

Heavy duty quick connect safety switches
Voltage class
240 VAC, 600 VAC
Current ratings
Meets NEC requirements

Core features

  • Includes a double- or single-throw switch design with interlocked receptacle compartment for temporary power hookup
  • Offers color-coordinated Cam-Lok or Posi-Lok receptacles to easily identify where to insert the appropriate cables
  • Meets NEC requirements
  • Includes exclusive trap door system
  • Contact the Switching Device Flex Center for customization options of any application need

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