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Heavy duty safety switches with surge protection

Eaton’s heavy duty safety switches with integral surge protective devices (SPD) provide protection at the service entrance and branch-circuit level. Designed for light-commercial, commercial and industrial markets, a UL-listed and packaged SPD  solution provides significantly better performance compared to a device that is externally mounted, resulting in better protection.

Heavy duty safety switches with surge protection
Voltage class
240 VAC, 600 VAC
Current ratings
Integrated surge protection

Core features

  • Provides integrated SPD options available in heavy duty safety switches ranging from 30A to 1200A
  • Includes Eaton type SP1 and CVX surge devices
  • Offers a factory-wired solution that solves the challenge in the field of where to terminate the SPD leads and still maintain the product's UL listing
  • Incorporates integral SPD wired to load side of switch and can be isolated from line side power should the SPD require replacing
  • Provides an external window to enable viewing of LEDs on SPD for quick status indication
  • Offers NEMA Type 12/3R and 4X stainless enclosures
  • Includes external viewing window to confirm weather circuit is open or closed by observing blade position

Switching device Flex Center

Eaton’s custom modification facility to meet unique product needs and specifications of the customer

Switches portfolio

The industry’s broadest offering of safety switch product designs

Advancing personnel and equipment protection with safety switches

The evolution of safety switch technology and a growing emphasis on personnel protection

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