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K-Factor Rated Transformers

Eaton's K-Factor Transformers address the problems caused by non-linear loads and harmonics. They also compensate for stresses on a transformer’s winding insulation which prevents insulation breakdown and premature failure. The net result is longer transformer life.
Voltage class
7.5 – 1000 kVA
K-4, K-9, K-13, K-20, K-30
Winding conductor
Aluminum or copper

Core features

  • Includes  transformers with DOE 2016 and NEMA TP-1 efficiency requirements, and transformers with other efficiency requirements
  • Specially designed to withstand the harmful overheating effects caused by harmonics generated by nonlinear (non-sinusoidal) loads
  • Neutral bus size configured to accommodate at least 200% of the rated current compensates for increased neutral currents found in non-linear loads, thus reducing heat
  • Electrostatic shield reduces transient noise in the system which may affect sensitive computer loads
  • Transformers include a versatile bonding/grounding bar affixed to the bottom panel as standard, to provide compliance with NEC 450.10(A)
  • Custom K-Factors available thru the Flex Center

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