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Arc flash safety for MCCs: prevention through design

Today’s motor control center designs offer a variety of techniques to help prevent dangerous arc flash events that can cause serious or fatal injuries. An optimal design layers protection for workers and assets, including the Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System feature, arc-resistant construction and the FlashGard racking unit to improve safety.  

Incorporate layers of protective solutions to help prevent arc flash events, reduce their severity and redirect them if they occur. 

  • Eaton Freedom MCCs feature a Labyrinth bus barrier that electrically insulates and isolates the vertical bus bars to avoid arcing faults
  • Arc-resistant design option protects by containing the hazardous effects of arc flash events
  • Optional FlashGard technology improves arc flash safety during insertion and removal of motor control center buckets
  • Optional Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System feature improves safety by providing a simple, reliable method to reduce fault clearing time of main circuit breakers
  • Additional safety features such as IR windows, absence of voltage testers or other indicators may be incorporated in to provide complimentary site safety benefits
arc-resistant mcc

Arc-resistant design for increased arc flash protection

Arc flashes are extremely dangerous events that can cause serious and even fatal injuries, as well as costly equipment damage. Eaton’s Freedom arc-resistant MCC is specifically designed to contain arc blast energy, enhancing workplace safety with an additional layer of protection.
  • The Freedom arc-resistant MCC is tested and verified per IEEE guideline C37.20.7, CSA standard 22.2 No. 0.22-11 and IEC TR 61641
  • Type 2 accessibility rating ensures arc-resistance around entire perimeter of MCC
  • Engineered with reinforced steel, latches and hinges to provide containment of internal faults inside a space-effective package
  • Unique arc containment design requires no exhaust plenums or roof flaps and no additional clearance 

FlashGard: over a decade of arc-prevention leadership

Available on Freedom and Freedom arc-resistant MCCs, Eaton’s FlashGard improves arc flash safety during insertion and removal of motor control center buckets

  • Enables personnel to connect and disconnect line power to the unit from behind a closed door, providing workers with a visual representation of the stab position and shutters
  • Unparalleled level of safety achieved through patented mechanism that provides stab indication, bus isolation and robust lockout features to proactively prevent arc flash events
  • Safety interlocks provide additional arc flash safety 
  • Overtightening of unit is avoided with unrestrictive racking mechanism
  • Racking mechanism design provides operator certainty by eliminating potential for incorrect unit insert or removal
  • Optional remotely operated racking device can be advanced and retracted from up to 25 feet, helping to maintain closed-door unit while placing the operator safely outside of the arc flash boundary
Flashgard mcc

Additional safety solutions & protective devices

In addition to Eaton’s FlashGard and arc-resistant MCC options, other features can be incorporated to meet your site safety needs. Whether it is incorporating the use of IR windows to periodically check power connections or providing remote diagnostics to minimize the time a MCC compartment door is open, Eaton’s MCCs are built for enhanced safety.

Arc flash safety

Reset safety. If you haven't taken the proper steps to mitigate the risks of arc flash, now is the time to learn more about the necessary steps.