Intelligence for motor control centers

The need for intelligence in motor control centers (MCCs) has been magnified by recent technology trends such as Industry 4.0, IoT and Industrial Ethernet. Eaton MCCs provide the depth of intelligence needed to enable today’s “smart” manufacturing and asset management practices. Supporting a wide range of communication options, MCCs seamlessly integrate with all major manufacturers of distributed control systems, programmable logic controllers and SCADA systems.

Intelligent Power solutions for MCCs

  • Provide precise control through intelligent motor control devices
  • Support a wide array of device-level components
  • Immediate access to detailed information enhances asset management
  • Advanced failure warnings and troubleshooting tools improve uptime
  • Communicating MCCs allow user to be outside the arc flash boundary and interrogate each load remotely 

Open Industrial Communication Protocol Support

Because most facilities are not limited to one type of controller, Eaton MCCs are designed to integrate seamlessly with all major manufacturers of DCS, PLC and SCADA while supporting all major industrial protocols (EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus, DeviceNet and Modbus RTU). With an array of scalable communication options, Eaton MCCs can support numerous network applications, from simple remote monitoring to network controls. They even enable integration into many systems from one MCC so control and monitoring can be separated.
LVMCC  C445 Flashgard bucket
  • Eaton’s C400 series of advanced motor protection features three easy-to-use products with varying levels of capability, plus integration tools to support connectivity
  • Eaton S811+ soft starters provide smallest soft start in the industry with integral run bypass contactor up to 1000 A
  • Eaton DG1 drives with extensive on-board I/O, communications and active energy controls
  • EIP Assist and Add-on Instructions provide easy integration into automation systems utilizing Ethernet/IP
  • Power monitoring through Eaton’s Power Xpert meters and breaker status(on/off/trip) indication for MCCB and Magnum DS circuit breakers

Cable & switch solutions for Industrial Ethernet applications

With Industrial Ethernet having overtaken the use of traditional fieldbuses, today’s networks require a bolstered level of hardware and control. Eaton MCCs offer robust cabling and switching to optimize reliability and meet the communication needs around this new technology. 


Eaton builds the network around a 600V, Cat 5e Ethernet cable, specifically designed for use in motor control centers where continuous communications is paramount. Cat 5e cables provide:

  • High, 1 Gigabit/s speed data rate
  • Shielded construction with metal foil for maximum noise immunity network
  • Easy accessibility via motor control center wireways
  • Option to convert to Fiber for long distance or harsh environments


Eaton MCCs utilize compact industrial Ethernet switches for consistent and reliable performance for maximum uptime. Managed switches provide:

  • Layer 2 software for maximum application flexibility
  • Configuration options to enable redundancy and security needs
  • High data security with multiple built-in mechanisms
  • 10/100MB port speeds with high port densities of 8, 16 or 24 port RJ45 connections and optional fiber ports
  • MTBF of more than 30 years for maximum uptime
  • Ease of access by mounting in 12” relay panels