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Pow-R-Trak Busway

Eaton’s Pow-R-Trak busway is the latest design in a family of innovative busway products for mission critical, industrial and commercial markets. With a continuous track design that enables plug installation along 93 percent of the busway run, Eaton’s Pow-R-Trak busway is ideal for meeting the demands a variety of applications where change and adaptation are important.

Continuous Current Rating
Up to 225A
System Voltage Rating
Up to 600V
Interrupting Rating
Up to 22kA

Core features

  • All Pow-R-Trak busway ratings and configurations have been tested and listed to UL® 857 safety standards
  • Certified IP2X “finger safe” design eliminates any incidental contact with live conductors from hands, tools and wire
  • Continuous track design delivers power along the entire length of the busway for quick power distribution system expansion and reconfiguration
  • Pow-R-Trak sections are reusable and can easily be added, removed or repositioned per user requirements
  • Bus plugs are available with optional circuit protection configurations for higher available fault currents
  • Easy to install design does not require specialized labor

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See how the features, benefits and applications of Pow-R-Trak busway can help you safely improve power management in your facility. 

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