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Pow-R-Way III Busway

With a customizable and flexible design, Pow-R-Way III busway is the preferred means of connecting electrical equipment to maximize power distribution system performance. Its ease of use and speed of installation provides efficient solution for even the most challenging layout requirements compared to traditional cabling conduit solutions.

Watch this video to learn how to measure the final field fit piece.

Continuous Current Rating
Up to 5000 ACu
Up to 4000 AAl
System Voltage Rating
Up to 600 V
Interrupting Rating
Up to 200 kA

Core features

  • Lightweight and compact design provides for easy installation
  • Housing is combined with a true sandwich design in both plug-in and feeder busway, contribution to improved coordination and high short-circuit ratings
  • Epoxy insulation process ensures optimum conductor and system protection
  • All bus plugs are polarized to prevent improper installation
  • Only having one or two conductors per phase and the Pow-R-Bridge joint design makes the voltage drop much lower than that associated with cable, allowing a more efficient use of energy

Busway Infrared Joint Cover

This new cover allows safe and efficient temperature reading of busway joints. Watch the video to learn more.

The differences between indoor, sprinkler-proof and outdoor rated busway

Watch the video to learn about the applicable conditions for busway installation.

Calculate the savings

Learn how busway reduces installation costs compared to traditional cable management systems

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Eaton’s busway enables smooth operations and new levels of data center flexibility

Eaton's busway solutions

Eaton’s comprehensive portfolio of busway solutions offers endless possibilities for meeting today’s ever-changing power requirements. Watch the video to learn more about the Busway solution.

Infrared thermography in busway

Learn what is infrared thermography, and how does it work?

Learn how to measure the final field fit piece

Watch the video 

Learn about the busway installation process

Watch the video 

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