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Power Xpert Billing Generator

Eaton’s Power Xpert Billing Generator (PXBiG) platform provides you a customizable, flexible and monitored billing generation solution for multi-tenant applications.   

Energy usage
Billing allocation

Core features

  • Customized by Eaton allows for any rate structure supporting a variety of customer needs, and is not limited to a certain subset of customers
  • Software is monitored by Eaton to help increase billing accuracy, and reduce energy consumption
  • Save time and preparation through simple access to auto-populated billing for ease of download and distribution
  • Flexibility to easily manage and access tenant data

Save time allocating your energy usage

Eaton’s PXBiG platform helps to save you time with easy access, and simple distribution through automated energy use reporting.

Customize your energy billing

Eaton’s PXBiG platform is customizable and flexible to meet your needs, with the ability to continuously monitor your energy costs for accurate billing allocation.