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Power Xpert Energy Visualization and Analytics

Eaton’s Power Xpert Energy Visualization & Analytics (PXEVA) software is technology advanced to help meet today’s stringent energy code requirements, ease of system integration, and the ability to provide energy metering data at your finger tips to help make informed decisions to effectively reduce your energy consumption.
Requirements met
5 minute
Data storage intervals

Core features

  • Meets energy code requirements with the ability to store metering data for parameters such as voltage, current, power, energy, power factor and demand in 5-minute intervals for connected devices.
  • Ability to communicate all metering data through various formats and protocols allows for easy integration into building management systems (BMS), analytics software, billing programs, and custom software packages
  • Meets energy code requirements by providing the ability to download historical metering data for in-depth data analysis, helping to make informed decisions
  • Provides metering analytics such as trends, energy and demand analysis, meter comparisons, time periods, and temperature to help reduce energy consumption
  • Custom configuration allows the user to send alerts when energy consumption begins to rise beyond the pre-configured settings
  • Ability to create admin and view-only users, offering user management capabilities

Reduce energy consumption with confidence

Eaton’s PXEVA software provides you quick metering results and system alerts to help you make informed decisions to effectively reduce your energy consumption.

Meeting today's energy code requirements

Eaton’s PXEVA software provides the ability to easily and conveniently analyze metering data from your connected devices, helping to meet the ASHRAE 90.1 energy code requirements.

Integration is easier than ever before

The PXEVA platfrom is compatible with multiple software and protocol formats, allowing for easy integration into your existing power management system.