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Receptacle safety switches

Used for portable power applications such as welders, infrared ovens, batch feeders, conveyors, truck and marine docks these heavy-duty switches are pre-wired and interlocked to polarized receptacles for 3-phase, 3-wire, grounded type power plugs. Receptacles are interlocked to handle mechanisms so that power plugs may not be inserted or removed when the switch is in the ON position.

Receptacle safety switches
Voltage class
240 VAC, 480 VAC, 600 VAC, 250 VDC
Current ratings
30A – 100A

Core features

  • Interlocked switch enclosure and receptacle – enclosure door cannot be opened when the plug is installed and switch is in the ON position
  • Interlock mechanism on receptacle prevents plug from being disengaged under load
  • Complies with OSHA lockout/ tagout requirements
  • Visible ON/OFF indication
  • Available with viewing windows, aux contacts, special paint, etc
  • Meets stringent UL98 standards for safety, durability and reliability

Switching device Flex Center

Eaton’s custom modification facility to meet unique product needs and specifications of the customer 

Switches portfolio

The industry’s broadest offering of safety switch product designs

Advancing personnel and equipment protection with safety switches

The evolution of safety switch technology and a growing emphasis on personnel protection

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