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Shunt trip safety switches

Eaton's shunt trip safety switches, a market exclusive, provide remote switching and visible means of disconnect for commercial and industrial applications. In addition, the shunt trip technology enhances safety by providing a means to open a safety switch electronically. This product line provides additional code compliant solutions with optional protection schemes including arc energy reduction (NEC 240.67) and ground fault (including 480 VAC and 1200 A service entrance applications).

shunt trip safety switch
Voltage class
240 VAC, 600 VAC
Current ratings
30A-1200 A
Integral arc energy reduction system available (NEC 240.67)

Core features

  • Standard heavy-duty safety switch design with integrated shunt trip module
  • Integral arc energy reduction system available (NEC 240.67)
  • Integral ground fault protection available for 480 VAC service entrance applications (NEC 230.95)
  • Works with emergency stop pushbuttons and other remote signaling means to quickly disconnect power from equipment
  • Provides a safety switch solution for oil and gas, industrial plants, utilities, commercial construction and water and wastewater treatment applications
  • Includes two-, three- and four-pole configurations for maximum system voltages of 600Vac with fusible and non-fusible protection options
  • Meets Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards and is listed to the UL98 standard
  • Provides a variety of coil voltages, visible means of disconnect, and a standard heavy duty safety switch with integrated shunt trip module
  • Passes Class 1 ground fault testing (1200% opening)

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