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Transfer Switch Monitor 900

Eaton’s Transfer Switch Monitor 900 brings new life and modern intelligence to legacy transfer switches. Retrofit equipment with communication, power metering, and status monitoring to make informed decisions and facilitate system reporting.

Transfer Switch Monitor 900
Any manufacturer
Low voltage: Up to 600 Vac
Med voltage: Up to 46 KVac
Up to 5000A

Core features

  • Provides system level visibility of transfer switch status and condition
  • Measures and benchmarks real-time metering data (voltage, frequency, current, power)
  • Retrieves “transfer time” to comply with regulatory requirements including The Joint Commission Report
  • Facilitates centralized testing to reduce time and labor burden associated with canvassing facility, local test initiation, logging results and compiling records
  • Evaluates system loading and identifies reserve capacity
  • Provides insight into conditions leading up to an unplanned outage and guides corrective action

Automatic transfer switches

Reliable, rugged, versatile and compact assemblies for transferring essential loads and electrical distribution systems from one power source to another.

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  • Choosing a transfer switch
  • Recent change to National Electric code
  • UL1008 Short-circuit WCRs

    Automate your reporting and centralize your monitoring

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