C30CN mechanically held lighting contactors
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C30CN mechanically held lighting contactors

The C30CN 30A mechanically held lighting contactors are designed for industrial, commercial and outdoor lighting applications where efficient control is required. The mechanically held operation ensures that the contactor will not switch to OFF during control power failure. It also ensures the removal of coil from the circuit for noise-free operation and the elimination of all coil losses after the contactor is latched.

The control module microprocessor validates the control signal before operation, so it will not respond to momentary voltage spikes of noise.

The operation command has a built-in 0.4 second delay to avoid multiple short-term commands that can cause contact fatigue or failure. Also, the feedback loop prevents the contactor from getting out of sequence with switches, even after power failures.

C30CN mechanically held lighting contactors

Core features of C30CN lighting contactors

  • 30 A power pole rating 
  • Configurable up to 12 poles maximum
  • Power poles latch easily onto the base, and designating them as NO or NC is a simple matter of left or right positioning. Additional poles, either NO or NC, may be easily added at any time
  • Low magnetic noise results in quiet operation 
  • Low input VA permits long wire runs 
  • Come in a wide range of input voltages and with coils from 24 Vac to 277 Vac and 12 Vac to 24 Vdc

Lighting for your critical systems

The mechanically held lighting contactor provides effective control in applications such as office buildings, industrial plants, hospitals, stadiums, airports, and so on. They are ideal for applications that require quiet, energy-efficient operation. Designed to handle different load types: 

  •  Tungsten (incandescent filament) 
  •  Ballast (fluorescent and mercury arc) 
  •  High intensity discharge (HID) 
  •  Non-motor AC resistive 
  •  Single- and three-phase motor ratings

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