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C440 electronic motor protection relays

Increased flexibility, enhanced protection

The C440/XTOE electronic overload relay delivers enhanced motor protection and communications capabilities in a single compact device, directly monitoring motor current in each phase. Thermal modeling is performed electronically with precision solid-state components. 

C440 electronic motor protection relays

Core features of C440 electronic motor protection relays

  • Electronics accurately identify excessive current or phase loss and react to conditions with greater speed, reliability and repeatability than traditional electromechanical devices
  • Integral ground fault protection supporting true simultaneous ground fault protection and communications – translates to reduced inventory, quicker installation time and a reduced physical footprint
  • Flexible communication with optional I/O enables easy integration into plant management systems for remote monitoring and control
  • Remote monitoring capabilities to discover changes in your system protects against unnecessary downtime
  • LED indicator provides predictive indication that allows users to determine the status of the overload as well as an impending trip to provide enhanced protection of your most important assets
  • Wide FLA adjustment (5:1) and selectable trip class improves return on investment by reducing inventory carrying costs
  • Patented thermal modeling design results in increased motor life
  • Voltage loss restart provides automatic revival after outages

Increased flexibility, enhanced protection

Motor failure has the potential to cause production downtime, costly repair bills and numerous safety concerns for plant personnel. For these reasons, motor protection should be a key element in protecting your organization’s most valuable assets. Selecting accurate and reliable motor overload protection is the best way to manage your costs and maintain system integrity. Eaton C440 and XT electronic overload relays provide reliable, accurate and value-driven protection—including communications capabilities in a single compact device.

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