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easyE4 nano programmable logic controllers

Think differently about effortless control

The easyE4 PLC has 12 I/O and can be expanded to a network of up to 188 I/O points, providing the ideal solution for lighting, energy management, industrial control, irrigation, pump control, HVAC and home automation. In whatever your application, the compact and flexible easyE4 enables control systems that are efficient and effortless to implement. After the easyE4 is installed, changes are easily accomplished through front panel programming, which eliminates the need to change wiring and minimizes downtime. Gain effortless control with the easyE4.

easyE4 nano programmable logic controllers

easyE4 nano programmable logic controllers core features

  • Maximum flexibility, with up to 11 local expansion modules per base unit
  • The 188 available inputs/outputs within a single easyE4 system provide coverage for a broad range of applications
  • A compact product with a large voltage range (DC, AC and UC)
  • Base units with different voltage types can be combined as required by means of the available expansion modules, which makes handling the easyE4 devices even more effortless
  • The integrated Ethernet interface allows for a broad range of communication options
  • A user-friendly programming environment with four programming languages (ST, FBD, LD, EDP) to choose from
  • Various display and visualization options, the integrated display, web server, and Ethernet options make visualization on mobile devices possible
  • The integrated micro SD card facilitates data logging and customized startup displays
  • Display with three background colors (red, green, white) for visualization of different device statuses
  • Real-time clock as well as Ethernet services ensure highly precise date and time indication
  • The interrupt function enables fast event recognition and rapid response times

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Our Automation Compass platform provides all the details on PLC control methodologies available and how they work.

Scalable software solutions - easySoft

Eaton’s easySoft software is used to program easy controllers and displays. The software provides circuit diagram input, editing and the diagrams can be displayed in the format desired. An integrated offline simulation tool allows users to test a circuit diagram before commissioning. It supports users who are configuring, programming and defining parameters for all of the intelligent relays and creating visualization functions for the MFD displays.

Think differently about effortless control

Faced with PLCs that have exhausted their capabilities and are driving your costs up? Learn how the easyE4 can help reduce your assembly times and machine costs. This next generation series of programmable logic controllers provides fast Ethernet communication and high flexibility in programming structured text applications. 

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Eaton’s goal is to enhance your product competency, troubleshooting skills and safe operation of machinery control product. From beginners who are growing their knowledge to experts who need a refresher, Eaton offers a range of self-guided, eLearning and instructor-led training to meet your individual needs.

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