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ECS Series CurrentWatch AC current switches

The CurrentWatch ECS Series is a family of solid-state adjustable current switches, ideal for providing status information on electrical equipment.

The ECS is excellent for new installations, where the conductors run through the housing, requiring no cutting. These switches are also ideal for retrofits, because split-core models can be opened to fit around existing conductors. The current switch is accurate, reliable and easy to install.

The ECS can sense continuous currents from 1 to 150 A and does not require any supply voltage, as the power required is induced from the monitored conductor. The output is a non-polarity-sensitive solid-state contact for switching AC and DC circuits up to 240 Vac/Vdc.

This switch also includes an LED indicating two states: on and below trip point, and above trip point with contacts energized.

All ECS Series switches carry an unconditional five-year warranty. 

ECS Series CurrentWatch AC current switches

ECS Series CurrentWatch AC current switches core features

  • Universal outputs—NO or NC solid-state switch for control circuits up to 240 Vac/Vdc, compatible with most automation systems
  • Self-powered—cuts installation and operating costs
  • Easily adjustable set point—increases application flexibly and speeds start-up 
  • Solid- or split-core housings—versions tailored for each type of installation 
  • LED indication—provides quick visual indication of contact status
  • Built-in mounting feet—simple, two-screw panel mount or attach with optional DIN rail mounting kit accessory 

Application in which the ECS Series AC current switches excel

  • Electronic proof of flow—current operated switches eliminate the need for multiple pipe or duct penetrations and are more reliable than electromechanical pressure or flow switches
  • Conveyors—detect jams and overloads
  • Lighting circuits—easier to install and more accurate than photocells
  • Fans, pumps and heating elements—faster response than temperature sensors
  • Critical motors
  • Ancillary equipment
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